Welcome to Fellowship of Older Gays

Fellowship of Older Gays (FOG) is a California Mutual Benefit Corporation to provide social activities, emotional support, and education for older gay men.  The primary focus of FOG is to provide weekly activities for its members.

**** Announcement(s)****

Annual Banquet has been cancelled for 2021.  Annual meeting which includes board member election will be held via Zoom.  Look in the newsletter(s) for details.

**** Activity Update ****

FOG is starting to have a few in-person activities.  Members should wear masks.  There are two events – Saturday Coffee & the monthly Walk & Talk.  See calendar for location & protocols.

Due to the success of the Saturday Coffee, an additional weekly coffee meet will be added.  See calendar for details.

There are STILL few virtual meetups via Zoom.  Please refer to the newsletter for weekly / monthly activities and the activities page on this site.  The calendar will reflect some of these activities.

**** ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ****

Download an App called Zoom by typing in your web browser www.Zoom.us/download and press enter.  Click on the top large blue Download button under Zoom Client for Meetings and follow the instructions to install the free App – it’s quite easy.

For all FOG Zoom meetings you will receive an e-mail invitation with the subject line “Please Join Zoom Meeting in Progress”.  The email will be sent by our Zoom coordinator about 5-10 minutes before the scheduled meeting.  The invitation is unique for each meeting so be sure to use the one for that day.  Click on the “Join Zoom Meeting” link.

Should, for any reason, that not connect you, you can “copy & paste” the link address into your web browser.  The link the invitation contains the Meeting ID: which is 11 digit number and a Passcode: which is 6 digits.

If the link does not work an alternative to the cut & paste method is to type in your browser www.Zoom.us and click enter, from the Zoom home page at the top left there are two words: JOIN HOST.  Click on JOIN (not Host).  The next page has a space to “Enter Meeting ID or Personal Link Name” where you type in the 11 digit Meeting ID from the invitation you received by email and click enter.  It may also ask “Do you want to all this page to open “zoom.us.app” which you have previously downloaded. Press “Allow”.  It may also ask you to type in the 6 digit Passcode from the emailed Invitation.  Also, if it asks be sure to allow or enable both audio and video.