Welcome to Fellowship of Older Gays

Fellowship of Older Gays (FOG) is a California Mutual Benefit Corporation to provide social activities, emotional support, and education for older gay men.  The primary focus of FOG is to provide weekly activities for its members.

**** Birthdays & Anniversaries ****

Although we are social distancing, let’s not forget to celebrate FOG member birthdays.  Wish them all a VIRTUAL happy birthday or anniversary.  There are 18 birthdays and 5 anniversaries in August!  Send them all a message.  Review the calendar for the dates.  Review the newsletter for full name.

**** Call for Board Members ****

Elections for new board members is coming up in a few months.  The board is asking for nominations.  Please see the announcement page for specifics.   http://fogsd.org/announcements/

**** FOG is still active as ever ****

Since COVID-19 has limited in-person activities, there have been a few virtual meetups via Zoom.  Please refer to the newsletter for weekly / monthly activities and the activities page on this site.  The calendar will reflect some of these activities.

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