Membership Info

How to join:

FOG is now virtual – it is hard to join by showing up.  Contact the Webmaster – links on all pages – via email.  Someone within FOG will be in touch.  We have had several new FOG members join that way.

  1. Show up at one of the events that may interest you.   Look for a group of old men gathered around.  Please introduce yourself.  I know this may take the extrovert part of you to do this.  We are a friendly group of guys.  Many have name tags so you can easily identify us.
  2. Send email to the webmaster ( and we will contact you.  Please provide name, email, and if possible, phone.
  3. If you’re still interested, we will want a waiver/release (below) form signed, contact info, and dues.  The dues is to offset some of the administrative fees we have for operating (like this website – how you may have found us).


I recognize that the Fellowship of Older Gays (FOG) is a non-profit organization that coordinates and /or sponsors Activities for older gay men. FOG depends on the efforts of many non-paid volunteers to provide the many activities that are coordinated and /or sponsored each month. In exchange for the right to participate in all activities that are coordinated, sponsored, or hosted by FOG and its individual members.

I hear by release FOG and its individual members from any and all Liability including, but not limited to, claims for injuries, damages or loses to person or property while participating in FOG activities, I understand FOG does not arrange carpooling or ride sharing to, from, or during any FOG event. From time to time FOG may publish the names and contact information of other individual members who, acting on their own behalf, are willing to provide transportation to others. I understand that it is my responsibility to make my own transportation arrangements for any and all FOG events and activities, and that I assume full responsibility for such arrangements.

It is my intent that this release be binding upon my heirs, members of my family, executors, and administrators. I am at least 21 years of age. I have carefully read this agreement, understand it fully, and sign it voluntarily.

I understand that this waiver will be binding as long as I am a member of FOG.


Membership Application

Application Type         (circle one)    New Renewal

Name _____________________________________
State _____________________________________
Home Phone______________________________
Birthday (year optional)____________________

Membership is due and renewed Each January 1st.

If you would like your email sent to a different address than the one listed above, please let us know.

You will be listed in our membership Directory which is circulated only to our members. Please identify any information you’ve provided that you would wish not to be published in the Fog directory.

The directory is emailed in PDF format.

Let the membership chairman know if you cannot open this type of file.



FOG Dues are $20 annually