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Volunteer’s are needed served the Nominating Committee. Contact John K. Email is

New Virtual Group – Travelogue

The board approved a new online meetup that would have FOG members talk about travel experiences, show slides, tips, and open discussion. See newsletter for details.

Membership 2020 Renewal. Please review before December 31st, 2019.

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The annual membership dues for FOG are $15.00 per year. FOG has not increased the dues for many years in order to make FOG membership affordable to everyone. We have been able to maintain the basic dues at $15 per year because many of our members have voluntarily contributed more than $15 per year. These extra donations help FOG cover expenses such as insurance, subsidizing the Anniversary Dinner, and other expenses that we could not otherwise afford. If your economic circumstances permit, we request that you consider a gift to FOG over and above the basic $15 annual dues. For 26 years FOG has been an important social resource for many older gay men in San Diego. With your continued support we will continue to make a difference in the lives of many gay men in San Diego.

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FOG, P.O. BOX 635062, SAN DIEGO, CA 92163-5062